The workers diet has been used and suggested by a successful US company since 1985 to help employees lose weight and be healthier. Surprisingly, the diet shown a lot of good results at most of the workers.

At the time,the most popular was the diet with cabbage, and the diet plan was based on the fact that a person consumed fewer calories a day than he needed, causing excess body fat to melt.

For that reason, this diet came out of nowhere and helped a lot of people get healthy and good looking.

What does a workers’ diet look like?

First day
At the very beginning of the diet you can eat any fruit other than bananas. There are no quantity restrictions, you can eat as much fruit as possible.

Second day
Instead of fruits, eat vegetables, no matter how cooked or raw, there are no restrictions. For breakfast you can eat baked potatoes and optionally add butter.

This will give your body the necessary carbohydrates and energy, and vegetables will provide your body with enough nutrients and fiber.

Third day
In addition to bananas and potatoes, you can eat all fruit and vegetable blends on the third day, without limiting the type and quantity. You don’t need potatoes because you get carbohydrates from the fruit.

At this stage the body is ready to burn off the extra pounds.

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