“The coronavirus is spreading secretly and without symptoms among young people” – experts fear a second wave, to early for cutting the quarantine off..

To better understand the epidemiological situation, Italian authorities have tested 350,000 citizens through serological tests. The Italian Association of Pulmonologists says that after the Covid-19 infection, 30 percent of patients have chronic breathing problems because inflammation of the lungs caused by coronavirus and scars left over from the disease can […]

Sitting is a disease that destroys the whole body: ‘The spine bends, risk of depression, the body weakens

A sitting lifestyle slowly destroys our body. The human body was originally created for an upright position. The locomotory system (bones, muscles and joints) is designed to provide constant activity: hunting, animal care, household chores, farming, movement, movement, movement … Humans had to provide basic living conditions, and the body […]