A sitting lifestyle slowly destroys our body. The human body was originally created for an upright position. The locomotory system (bones, muscles and joints) is designed to provide constant activity: hunting, animal care, household chores, farming, movement, movement, movement … Humans had to provide basic living conditions, and the body helped them. ‘The spine normally resembles the letter Ѕ, while after sitting it takes on the shape of the letter C. The person begins to squirm, bend and lose their normal posture.

Here are some dangerous facts about sitting:

Sitting causes the development of many diseases Office workers and those who sit for long periods of time have an increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In those who sat for 11 hours or more, the risk of sudden death increased by 40 percent.

Comfortable chairs do not solve the problem

Some companies have chairs that perfectly support the spine and even have back massages. But doctors believe that these stools do not solve the problem of sitting – even the most comfortable stool damages the bloodstream and destroys the spine.

Sitting is worse than physical inactivity

Sitting alone is much worse than standing or lying down for long periods of time. If the person is standing alone, the muscles are still working because the body is in an upright position. Standing burns 3 times more calories than sitting.

Sitting increases stress

Sitting causes stress. Cortisol is secreted when sitting, causing depression and obesity. It’s a vicious circle: when you sit down, you produce cortisol that makes you eat more and become depressed.

Sitting is just a habit

The good thing is that every habit can change. As soon as the body begins to move, a habit of movement is formed. It takes about 3 weeks for the brain to adjust to the new skill of movement. During this time, the reaction changes and the whole body is healed.

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