To better understand the epidemiological situation, Italian authorities have tested 350,000 citizens through serological tests.

The Italian Association of Pulmonologists says that after the Covid-19 infection, 30 percent of patients have chronic breathing problems because inflammation of the lungs caused by coronavirus and scars left over from the disease can permanently damage the lungs.

“These DAMAGES could be the basis for other diseases, for another state of emergency in the future, so we need to strengthen the pulmonology department,” said pulmonologist Dr. Luca Riccieldi.

The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, appealed to the citizens to announce the calls because they must be prepared for a possible new wave of the epidemic, which is announced by many scientists and experts.

The president of the Academy of Sciences, Giorgio Pari, said the epidemiological results were good after the reduction of the restrictive measures on May 4, but that citizens still had to be careful. The possible consequences of the departure of young Italians over the weekend will be known in two to three weeks, as the incubation period continues.

“Among young people, the coronavirus spreads secretly and without symptoms. We will know only when the disease is transmitted to their parents, “said Pierluigi Lopalco, head of the emergency team. Italy has announced that international borders will be opened on June 3, and the final decision will be made based on the analysis of 21 parameters adopted by the government to measure the level of infection.

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