Entering chilled rooms from warm and vice versa, drinking cold drinks, refreshing the pools, etc., are things we all do during the hottest time of the year, and to which our mothers and grandmothers warn us. This behavior often leads to "summer" colds. However, how to recognize this type of respiratory infection to which we are all accustomed in relation to the coronavirus?
Dr. Aleksandar Stojanovic, director of the Health Center "Dr. Milutin Ivkovi“ "says that currently the number of patients complaining of respiratory infections that are not caused by Covid-19.

In such a situation, says Stojanovic, it is important for doctors to perform precise triage of such patients to avoid confusion between those with covid-19 and the common cold.

-Because now is the time for summer infections, colds, allergies, etc., the patient who will come to the hospital, we do a triage and in conversation with him, the doctor determines whether he is an ambulance or a general practitioner. On the spot, we determine and look for the symptoms – says Stojanovic. The symptoms of the coronavirus have been talked about a lot lately. It is often mentioned that the list of symptoms of coronavirus is expanded, and that fever, cough are not the most pronounced symptoms of this disease.

-The symptoms of coronavirus are fever that lasts for more than three days, then scratching the throat, shortness of breath, loss of sense of taste and smell - which is very important because these have been shown to be two important parameters. There is also nausea in the abdomen, general malaise and, more recently, diarrhea. There are no such symptoms in the common cold. Triage is performed based on the patient's clinical picture. Then a laboratory is made which is ready in half an hour, based on that we see what the blood picture is and whether there is an increase or decrease in leukocytes.

The last variant is, when we are not completely sure - we record the lungs. If the video shows pneumonia, the suspicion falls on covid-19 - said in detail Dr. Stojanovic.

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