The number of people suffering from coronavirus is growing throughout Europe. Amid growing concerns about the second wave, reports of the first symptoms of Covid-19 disease appear almost daily, as well as those that appear long after treatment.

Medical journals are increasingly reporting patients experiencing unusual symptoms that appear several months after coronavirus infection. One of them is Elizabeth Moore, 43, an Indiana lawyer.

Although she was cured of covid a few months ago, she began to experience unexplained symptoms. In an interview with ABC7, she described the uncomfortable feeling in her hands.

– From nowhere. “I felt a buzz in my body, a tingling in my hands, especially on the left side, but it was on both sides,” said Elizabeth. The 43-year-old woman added that she had no health problems until then. Moore explained that she tried to fall asleep, but the tingling kept her awake. As she says, she felt like someone was pouring ice water down her back. Her heart was pounding, and her blood pressure dropped dramatically.

– I really thought I had a heart attack or a stroke, it looked like that.

“It was scary,” said the unfortunate woman. In addition to the discomfort in her hands, Moore said she noticed other illnesses – extreme fatigue, mental fog, also known as “brain fog” and, more recently, gastrointestinal problems.

Doctors are still trying to better understand the long-term effects of the virus and find a cure for patients suffering from the new SARS-SOV-2 virus.

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