The second wave of the coronavirus might already be here, so you need to prepare yourself for it, if you are in the group of people that haven’t been infected yet. These 5 seriously important things are a MUST if you want to be safe and keep the coronavirus away from you.

  1. You need to stick up with all of the recommendations from the WHO

The WHO has the official guide of what you should and what you should not do to stay protected. With the summer coming, the recommendations have changed a bit, but still you need to stick with everything they say.

2. Wear protective mask on your face

It is proven that wearing any kind of mask is better then not wearing it. It can protect you from the coronavirus and you should always wear it when you go out and in closed – indoor places.

3. Take Vitamin D3

A research study carried out at the University of Hohenheim has now established a link between vitamin D deficiency, certain previous diseases, and severe cases of COVID-19.

According to the study, “there is a lot of evidence that several non-communicable diseases (high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome) are associated with low vitamin D plasma levels. These comorbidities, together with the often accompanying vitamin D deficiency, increase the risk of severe COVID-19 events.”

4. Avoid going on a public places where there are a lot of people

When we are in a public place like restaurant, we cannot know who has the virus or who is an asymptomatic case, that’s why you must wear mask or just avoid places with to many people in a small space.

5. Take daily dose of Vitamins and minerals and have some physical activity

You must keep your body strong all of the time, so you need to take daily doses of vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, calcium… Also, try to run or walk, or exercise in nature.

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