Different men are attracted to different things, but research shows that the following four things in women attract the most men.

Voice color

Men are sensitive to the color of a woman’s voice, and especially irresistible to those with gentle, seductive voices that Marilyn Monroe could boast of.


This probably does not surprise you too much, because no one wants to have a frown on their face. In addition, research shows that a smile has a positive effect on the partner, ie the part of his brain that is associated with praise. It has also been proven that men are more attracted to women who laugh at their jokes. Of course, that does not mean laughing violently.


Of course, this does not apply to all men, but most will still agree that they prefer curvy women to thin ones. So do not be too dramatic because of the 3 pounds you gained.

Red clothes

It has been scientifically proven that men show more sexual interest in a woman in a red dress than a dress in any other color. After all, it is already clear to you that in red it is simply impossible to go unnoticed.

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