Scientists have confirmed: These products really destroy the coronavirus …

What products can kill the coronavirus one hundred percent for sure? Any disinfectant destroys the corona virus, said today the director of the Federal Service for Phytosanitary Supervision of Russia, Anna Popova. Any disinfectant with a certain concentration is fatal to this virus. That is, no matter what we wipe […]

WHO just gave the world the worst possible coronavirus prediction

The coronavirus transmission risk remains high, warned the World Health Organization during a meeting of its emergency committee. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that the COVID-19 pandemic is a “once-in-a-century health crisis” with effects that will be felt for “decades to come.” The health crisis already taught us that […]


The coronavirus is manifested by a total of 17 different symptoms, and each patient has an average of seven symptoms lasting 12 days, according to a large study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to their study, the most common manifestations of the disease are […]

Despite The Respiratory issues, these 3 symptoms also reveal the coronavirus: Warning from the Center for Disease Control!

It would be wise to consider that these are also symptoms of a coronavirus infection, even though you have no other symptoms, your doctor warns. The usual symptoms of coronavirus are what you would expect if you had respiratory problems: fever, cough, fatigue and muscle aches. But according to the […]

Eight signs that your body has fought the coronavirus on its own, without you being aware of it

Experts say there is a possibility that some people may have contracted the virus before the epidemic officially began. If you have had mild forms of these symptoms, you have probably successfully contracted the virus by yourself. Eye infection New research has shown that eye infections, such as conjunctivitis, can […]

Some symptoms of Covid-19 can last only 1 day, and these four are of particular concern to Britain!

It is known that the symptoms of coronavirus include fever, loss of smell and taste, cough. However, you are also at risk if you develop these symptoms in the stomach – diarrhea, fat, vomiting, loss of appetite. An infectious disease specialist from Britain, Dr. William Marshall, warns of these four […]