Short Listed Vitamins and Minerals That You Need To Buy Or Take Through Food To Protect Your Health From Viruses

Even though the summer is here, the coronavirus crises is not calming down. The numbers are just rising and the promise that the virus will disappear in summer became the total opposite- a real nightmare. Everyday we here about more and more new cases and deaths. We pray that we […]


Many scientists claim that there is evidence that coronavirus in small particles in the air can infect humans, so they called on the World Health Organization (WHO) to change its recommendations. The WHO states that coronavirus is primarily spread from person to person with drops, from the nose and mouth […]

The Coronavirus Is Not Slowing Down: Here’s How To Know If You Already Had The Virus But Didn’t Felt The Symptoms

The coronavirus is not slowing down. Once we thought it is over and decreasing , it came back again. The numbers of new infected cases is getting bigger everyday and the number of deaths is too bad to be true, but it is true.. We want to help you getting […]

Sitting is a disease that destroys the whole body: ‘The spine bends, risk of depression, the body weakens

A sitting lifestyle slowly destroys our body. The human body was originally created for an upright position. The locomotory system (bones, muscles and joints) is designed to provide constant activity: hunting, animal care, household chores, farming, movement, movement, movement … Humans had to provide basic living conditions, and the body […]

An English doctor showed a breathing technique that protects the lungs and can save your life

The special breathing technique can save the lives of people with coronavirus, and it was shown by an English doctor in a video shared on social networks. Dr. Sarfaraz Munshi, who works at the Royal Hospital in Romford, East London, demonstrated the technique with his colleague, nurse chief Sue Elliott. […]

The Doctor from Wuhan that discovered the coronavirus confessed: The hell started when A family came to the hospital

Zhang Jian is the director and doctor of the Department of Respiratory Diseases and Emergency Care at Wuhan Hospital and is the first medical person to discover and report the new coronavirus. The director of the respiratory and emergency department at Hubei Hospital for Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine conducted […]