Video from the explosion in Beirut. Looks like an atomic bomb! Pray for the people in there!

Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, was hit by two powerful explosions and killed at least 10 people. Terrible explosions can be seen in many photos and shots. The ship allegedly exploded full of pyrotechnics. Many buildings and houses, including embassies, the Government building, as well as the residence of Prime Minister Saad […]

My beautiful wife has died, John Travolta announced that actress Kelly Preston has lost the battle with the disease

US actress Kelly Preston has died at the age of 58 from breast cancer, her husband John Travolta announced today. He said Preston had died after two years of battling the disease. “I am deeply saddened to announce that my beautiful wife Kelly has lost a two-year battle with breast […]

5 sure signs that your marriage will last forever: Nothing will separate you!

Many partners divorce as a result of crucial differences in thinking. Everyone strives for a successful and long-lasting marriage, but it doesn’t work for them. Insecurity, doubts and disagreements bring unrest to love affairs, so it is important to focus on good, positive vibes. If you do this, the longevity […]